NeoFlam Ecolon


Recently I purchased a set of pans made by a Korean manufacturer named Neoflam. These pans are made of ceramic and have a aluminium core covered by multiple layers of coating. I tested them in the kitchen of a friend in Australia and they worked wonders.

While the nonstick coatings make these utensils very nice to use, lab tests found that heating the utensils to very high temperatures, such as done when frying foods of a high fire, releases toxins from metals and other substances at a much faster rate.

I researched this a little closer and found some controversy about the metals and toxicity. Kolbotek a locally known TV show in Israel for undercover reports, said they were unsafe and carcinogenic. The jury is still out on the pots and pans, but Neoflam, is supposedly filing a law suit against Kolbotek, the TV show.