Truffles Destroyed [!@%$]

I passed this facility yesterday Tartuflanghe and decided not to visit the showroom given it is just another purveyor of white truffle products. I remind readers that all products made with white truffles are mainly made by using “aroma” and this is chemically induced by industrial made perfumers. Mainly white truffle aroma comes from Grasse, on the French Riviera, famous for its production of aromas and fragrances. The bulk of truffle oil on the market are synthetically flavored, with chemicals such as 2,4-dithiapentane, a lab-synthesized replication of just one of the hundreds of aromatic compounds that give truffles their magical flavor and aroma. White truffles are simply too expensive, so chefs often turn to truffle oil to impart dishes with the flavor and aroma of Tartufo.


If the label lists ” truffle aroma,” “essence,” “flavor,” or something similar, the oil is synthetically flavored. The truffle bits of dried truffle in these bottles are for show, not to impart flavor. Be aware that synthetically flavored oils lack the nuance of real fresh truffles.

There is only one way to enjoy white truffles and that is in the region where they are harvested, enjoy them fresh, and see them unwashed, and with minimal interference of man. White truffles are mystical and should always remain a treasure of nature.