Meat Man Says Yes

The myth that meat needs fat and dry age to taste good, isn’t true – lean meat can be as tasty or better.

I purchased a superb filet from my butcher in Shinjuku, he offers both female and male animals to choose from. I choose female, carried it home to rest on my counter (2 hours) and then coated the meat my usual way.

Taking the meat I oil the surface, raise the heat in the skillet slowly to a temperature up to 135°C, colouring (searing) the meat achieving the Maillard reaction. I am careful not to cause the meat to shrink rapidly and change the surfaces texture – this is done by using slow temperatures.

Then I take some sake and shoyu 2:1 and reduce it without making any contact with the meat. I then swirl the meat into the reduction in order to colour it, and until most of the liquid is absorbed by the surface giving a rich look and taste.

I am careful to not boil the meat or cook it too much on the surface, so I try not to flip it. I then remove it from the pan and rest it at room temperature. I season it while still warm with my home-made smoked paprika, garlic and coarse pepper, no salt.

Then I tie a slice of ham a top to preserve a juicy and succulent surface while cooking. Within an hour, I carried it over to a friend’s home, there I finished it at 180°C, until the core reached 48°C , then removed it to rest for 15 minutes and it raised to 58°C. I salt it and slice it and voila, a perfect outcome.