Rinpung Dzong @ Bhutan – video

The Paro Valley is tremendous with forests and snowy mountain peaks capturing your imagination. Paro a small city, if you can call it that, with twenty thousand inhabitants and a prehistoric feel. With the only international airport for passengers to enter Bhutan, the flight into Paro is a daring air travel experience.

Just before the plane circles into the Paro valley, the pilot remarks, “we will enter into a haze and land in 5 minutes”. It is a roller coaster ride, the aircraft banks left, and then right, as you hear the ground proximity warning system screaming “minimums-minimums. I am stunned and without time to think we are on the ground. By the way Air Druk has excellent and experienced pilots so there is no need to worry as they take no weather risks.


Driving to our lodge, we witness most astonishing landscape, mountains covered with pine trees, and a view of the valley and the river making its way through the valley. The roads are under construction and are bumpy as hell. We didn’t seem to mind distracted by the landscape and traditional styled mountain homes scattered everywhere, the air is fresh and crisp.

The video of the valley was taken from Rinpung Dzong, a fortress-monastery overlooking the Paro valley with an important and long history. This monastery was enlarged in 1644 and for centuries its imposing five storey building serves as an effective defence against numerous invasion attempts by the Tibetans.

In Bhutan we never forget we are high in the mountains,(2700-4000+m) and in the mountains the weather is unpredictable, with variable changes throughout the day – so if you visit Bhutan make sure to have dress for all seasons.