/Green Pepper/Tree Tomato/

In Roman do as the Romans! In Bhutan, authentic Bhutanese cuisine is hot! These green peppers are not the countries hottest, yet hot enough to get your attention. The tree tomato is not tropical but subtropical and it flourishes between 1.525-3.050m. Protection from wind is necessary, as the tree is shallow-rooted and is easily blown over especially when laden with fruit.

In the picturesque Himalayan country known for Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a measure of development,chillies are a way of life. Bhutanese begin eating chillies when they are toddlers. I learned to mix green pepper and tree tomato together, to give it a sweet and hot sensation.

But today’s youngsters are being exposed to more and more western fast food cuisine. Spaghetti and pizza are on the rise, and I just hope that they don’t forget their chillies and culinary culture.