Pork Roast Duroc @ Tokyo

I purchased the Duroc pork once again to test it. I decided to try a new technique to restrain the juices from running out at the time of colouring.

I took the meat and took off the cap and tied it as a roast. The cap I kept for cooking separately, as it is tough to cook the pork evenly.

Often when you cook any meat, you are always told, “keep it at room temperature before cooking”, yet the juices are forced from the meat and you have a pool of water.

The idea was to take the pork and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. This dry aged the pork but without any real effect of aging. What it did was dry out the outer surface and remove some of the water.

I took it from the fridge and coloured it cold without influencing the meat’s tender centre. I believe that heat did not transfer into the core and there was no pool of water or juices after colouring the meat, as seen in the photo.

I accomplished colouring the meat and letting it rest for a few hours (until the core was room temperature) before cooking it in the oven, finishing off at 51°C. The end result a success. I always use a thermocouple, a Fluke which helps me relax, drink and be with friends during cooking.