Sommet @ Alpina

I am not a food judge, I am a customer and sometimes a cook, even though I am not a very good cook.

The Alpina hotel in Gstaad is a glamorous establishment and summers are flavored by guests seated at the sushi counter and at the pool (a throw away) in swimwear sipping cocktails.

The Japanese chef (Tsutomu Kugota) serves rolls and all kinds on inventions under the tutelage of head chef Takumi Murase from Megu New York.

I was introduced to executive chef Marcus G. Lindner, a very vibrant, charming Swiss chef with a large and kind personality. He is responsible for he Swiss Stübli, an authentic Swiss restaurant that holds forth the Alpine spirit coupled with an atmosphere that is wooden-chic.

The Swiss Stübli (named Sommet) is the ideal gastronomic experience in the mountains and is carefully watched over by Marcus and his team.

I was lucky to have a tour of the kitchen, a state of the art designed with an alpine view which Marcus points put. There are plenty of staff to prepare multiple meals for the residents and hotel guests with impeccable Italian styled service.

The cuisine is nouvelle styled, what I call ballet cuisine, you almost need to balance yourself each bite and don’t forget to ask for some Swiss chocolates.