Davide Scabin Combal.Zero /Torino/

It’s easy to judge but difficult to be impartial when it comes to opinions and especially when you have strong food views. I was walking today at the Slow Food and I was introduced to Davide Scabin, the owner of Combal.Zero. At that split second, he smiled and I couldn’t help but to express my views on last nights dinner.

While my Italian isn’t proficient, his English is not much better, so I asked a friend to translate. I delivered my message to Davide who hardly gave me a chance to speak, and said “excuse me”, he turned grabbed his mobile and made a quick call. Then said, “tomorrow night you are my guest at Combal.Zero and I’ll see you there”. It wasn’t what I expected but he’s considered a top professional who doesn’t mess around and that’s obvious.

After a seminar with David today, I begin to understand his style and way of thinking in the kitchen. We are anxious to try his table tomorrow night.