Della Posta /Monforte d’Alba/

Do not use your GPS to find this restaurant, just keep driving until you find it. A restaurant visit to Della Posta is worthy of the drive, located in Monforte d’Alba it is a medium sized restaurant in a country setting with a rustic feel to it. The cuisine is good, the service is also attentive and the crowd seems to be mixed between Italians and tourists. There are two dinning rooms with a similar cozy feel.

The cuisine is typical Piemontese cuisine with stuffed onion and sweet Bra sausage a twist to the usual stuffing topped with white truffle. Instead of ordering the carne cruda, I decided to taste the young pig, which was very piggy. The one odd touch at Della Posta was the use of Dijon mustard with the carne cruda, and this is not something I had not seen before and is very unorthodox. Otherwise a good experience and the sommelier Alex made our stay there comfortable.


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