Steak Zapped @ 800°C

You can cook a steak or singe it under intense heat of 800°C degrees and that’s precisely what happens when you zap it in a broiler. The end result is a black exterior and a warm center that is juicy. In this case the steak needs no more than 1-2 minutes under such intense heat.

The broiler is electric and has such intense heat it scorches the beef almost instantly forming a crust. At the bottom are rocks which most probably absorb the heat, so I am not sure this is the best system. The bottom of the steak does not get the direct intensity of the top heating element but I guess the designers understood that. The end result is a crispy steak and for more juice see “Pittsburgh”, a specific style and cooking of steak:

PS: should you be in Zurich – pass by Jelmoli’s basement and you can find yourself good service and a good cut of meat – but be sure to order the filet.