Paleolithic Diet

The human diet of a cavemen was not just meat, despite the fact that they hunted their meat, learned how to feast in their caves aside a warm fire, not to mention holding onto and sucking a nice meaty bone. It all makes perfect sense, cold nights find meat heart warming, providing a blood rush, so when you come down, you sleep like a caveman baby.

But whether or not it works isn’t the point. The Paleolithic everyday journeymen ran off thousands of calories dogging wildlife, long tails and sharp claws. They climbed and lived without the modern comforts we enjoy today, so what does a Paleolithic diet mean anyway.

The problem is, proponents of the diet recommend avoiding foods they claim were not available to humans at that time. These foods include dairy, legumes, grains and refined sugars, but the Paleolithic period was extremely long and human settlement changed, as did the nutritional landscape.

After all, I wouldn’t dare compare their diets to any modern-day Paleolithic diet, unless you live in a cave and own a tiger. Eating too much of anything doesn’t work and whether your a vegetarian, or a vegan, or a Paleolithic hunter, it’s all about lifestyle and what works best for your body.


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