Cheesy View |Pic|

Grass-fed raw dairy products is technically referred to as a non-dairy cheese and is also nutritionally superior. Goat’s milk also has a chemical structure that’s similar to that of breast milk and it has smaller fat globules than cow’s milk, which tend to make goat cheese easier to digest.

Nutritionally speaking, goat cheese also has some notable benefits. However, some goats are raised in concentrated animal feeding operations should be avoided.

There are various factors that differentiate cheeses:

One is the specific starter culture, which is the bacteria or mold strains that ripen the cheese. The type of milk used and the conditions under which those animals were raised. Then the methods of curdling, cutting and forming the curd, and the ripening conditions such as temperature, humidity, and aging time, known as curing.

A visit to Anne Sophie Pics restaurant in Lausanne includes cheese with a view and if the weather is perfect the view is superb not to mention the cheese selection.