TeMaki |sushi roll|

The original sushi eaten in the edo period and before was nare zushi which is said to have been made first in Southeast Asia. We know from our travels that fermentation is very common in places such as Cambodia and other bordering countries.

The term sushi comes from an archaic word that is no longer used which translates into “sour-tasting” and was likely made from fermented river fish. Sushi has been developed and refined mostly by Japanese who have passed their traditions for centuries and learned to refine the techniques of using raw fish.

Possibly the first uses after a bowl of rice was the hand-roll, referred to as “temaki”. If you travel through airport lounges, or in a convenience shop, you’ll find variations of hand rolls.

This photograph is a marvelous combination of sliced ginger, neggi, shiso and white fish. As you chew it, the flavors explode through the crunchy seaweed.


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