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The night shines bright with a beautiful sunset from Mesubim’s test kitchen as the fall sets in. Roshfeld has moved in and makes the kitchen hum by rumbling around. He is gentle on his feet, he has multiple ideas rushing through his head and cannot stay away from the kitchen. He wakes up and before I can get started he’s inside testing a recipe of bread.


Today we drank a Gaia chardonnay 2010 (Gaia and Rey) courtesy of my nephew who cherishes those magnums for his thirsty uncle. The wine shines through and goes quickly as the glasses and arms are extended more frequently. This is a fine wine made by one of Europe’s leading wine makers. We adore Angelo, he’s a pioneer in his region despite the tensions from some of those persons jealous. It seems jealously is everywhere, a disease of people who are incapable of achieving much, and suffer from poor self-esteem. Oh well.


Midday Roshfeld jumps at an idea, he asks me, “do you want to see a fantastic pasta dough”? Of course, I cannot resist the temptation of seeing anything interesting in a kitchen. I listen, I watch, and I eat as he spins his flour water and some olive oil over the induction in a shallow pan. Then adds some egg yolks and spins it on high-speed before adding a final amount of flour. He recommends using a Robo Coupe to cut it but today we stayed with the Kitchen Aid.


The end result was perfect!….it is filled with leaks sauteed with virgin olive oil, plenty of Gruyere cheese and goat cheese (half/half hard and dry) potatoes steamed and added to the filling. Before adding the cheese he added some flour and milk. The most important is the boiling point of the milk otherwise it will break. Then add the cheese and go slowly with the temperature. Then add fresh garlic and black pepper and pinch of salt and you cool it down and get ready to make ravioli.

Total Recipe

500g flour
500g water
50g virgin oil
500g flour while spinning
2/4 egg yolks
250g cheese total cheese for 40 ravioli
250g potato
200g milk
Plenty Black pepper
Fresh Garlic

PS: Noma will close and open a farm – save money and deliver a new experience.

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