Yonathan Roshfeld

I tasted Roshfelds cuisine some fifteen years ago in Tel Aviv at his newly opened fine dinning. If I recall correctly he was amongst the first in Israel to open a restaurant of this kind. Classically trained in Europe, he has technique and tried his hand at Haute cuisine, something he somehow now loathes but respects at the same time.

Since that time I lost track of Roshfeld and hadn’t reconnected until recently. I had not really met him, known him, but his name was always in the back of my mind. Since he closed his first restaurant, I didn’t hear much about his career. So when I picked him up at the airport it was our first real, face-to-face meeting.

From the airport we went directly to my supplier and he was excited, the same way I get when I get opposite vegetables. Roshfeld is one of those few people who digs as deep as you can into the food universe. He lives, breaths and sleeps food, he loves his herbs, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it in the kitchen.

It was quite amazing to watch him work, he never stops moving, or thinking about what to do next. He’s swift, prudent and knows exactly what he wants. I watched him for a week, and I can say he’s a pro, a top-level chef who has an encyclopedia of recipes.

It’s not just his way of cooking, it is more about his world of cooking, his stories, his entire persona. Most importantly, he is open-minded and understands process in the kitchen and is easy to admire and share with. You can easily understand why he is a master chef judge and why he’s so respected.

Hands down he is a fanatic about everything connected to food, and I have never met anyone quite like him. Working with him was a sincere pleasure and I appreciate his caring kitchen demeanor, his gentle soul, calmness, stamina and his hugs.

It was a sincere pleasure to taste your creations and spend time together with you and your wife :-).


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