Puligny Montrachet 2004 Les Folatieres Lalou Bize Leroy

I was very curious and delighted to taste this wine and I have a deep appreciation and thanks to my oldest drinking partner and friend who offered me this opportunity to share and taste a fantastic Leroy wine. When I checked the vintage here is what Clive Coates wrote:

Burgundy was beset by two problems in 2004: an unprecedented outbreak of oidium (which attacks the fruit, rather than the leaves) and several attacks of hail. Moreover, the crop was more than plentiful, and the season was wetter than usual, greyer than normal and colder than the average. There was an attack of ladybirds, say some, though what effect this would have on the potential crop was not made clear. Ladybirds, after all, are major predators against aphids. September, however, was kind, and what looked like being a disaster at the beginning of the month did in fact turn out at least OK – in those vineyards correctly maintained – for reds, and better still for whites.

Lalou Bize-Leroy wines are so limited, and are more and more rare to find on wine lists. Imagine she only makes 1224 bottles of this wine which is only a 102 cases. Incredible!


The 2004 wine speaks for itself, it’s jam-packed with honeyed fruit and there is no doubt the signature oak and butter fat bombards your palate. It has a presence in the glass unlike any other white burgundy you’ll ever try. It’s almost what you expect from a Montrachet, this intensity and density of fruit. The Folatieres was so rich I was overwhelmed by each sip.

I am grateful to have had the chance to try this 2004 and what surprised more than anything is that 2004 had higher than normal acidity. This 2004 seemed relaxed and less acidity than you would expect. In fact I felt it could have had more backbone (acidity) and minerality, those very elements that make white Burgundies.

(93 Points)