Kyoaji Osechi 2016 |96.120|

The most sought after osechi in Japan, there is always so much fury about Kyoaji. A well-known kappo styled restaurant in Tokyo that serves traditional seasonal foods. It has the reputation of the owner a 70+ chef, an accomplished chef who has some serious attitude.

Many followers still believe in him, after thirty years I have been there a dozen times and not more. The first time I visited Kyoaji in Shinbashi I thought it was incredible. In those days it was a smoking counter and regular clients. Today he has many of the same clients as he slows down and begins to become more impatient.

This year as in the past I was given this impressive red furoski wrapped hinoki box and it comes with a price. First of all this is the last year it will be produced says Chef/Owner Kenichiro Nishi, actually he has three nights sleepless working to satisfy clients with osechi. It is true he declined the Michelin but his counter isn’t for everyone and dreaming is sometimes better than reality.

The osechi is seen below is a well-groomed set, plenty of choices and the quality is excellent.

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