Ginger Top Chai Tea Masala

Making chai is as easy as one-two-three and is a delicious drink to help maintain a balance.

You take 500ml of water and add:

2+ table spoons of sugar
6+ cloves
8 black pepper
3 green pepper
1 star anise
8+ cardamom
1 tea-spoon turmeric
8 caraway seeds
3+ seeds chili pepper
5 bags of black tea
*As you like add Fresh ginger grated

You should use a suribachi to grind it or better still a suitable grinder to pulverize the spices. Do not use ground spices as they are inferior in quality and taste.



Then grate the ginger using a oroshigane to prepare the ginger.


Add the sugar into the pot without the water and pre-heat and mix the spices and sugar. This binds the flavors and toasts the spices. Then add the ginger, and add water and tea to steep it by bringing it to a boil seven times.Then strain it with a good micron filter and add some milk when serving, it can be served hot or cold.