Snow Pull – video

This bread is Scandinavian and is called “Snow-Pull”, a bread cooked over a charcoal fire in the backyard. In Nordic countries during the Iron Age (500 AD–1050 AD), rye became the most commonly used grain, followed by barley and oats. Rye was also the most commonly used grain for bread up until the beginning of the 20th century. Today, older grain types such as emmer and spelt are once again being cultivated.


But more interestingly coarse loafs were simply made from flour or crushed grain that was kneaded with hot water and shaped into a flat dough. These were placed on a flat stone beside the fire, in the ashes or on the embers of the fire. They were used as a bread plate with fish, meats and vegetables.

his led to the development of very thin, dry and crispy flatbreads (flatbrød) that could be stored for many years. The Norwegians have a long tradition of making various kinds of very thin flatbread called lefser. While one rolls the dough and the other fries on wide, flat pan. Today, they are used for making wraps with various fillings and this American phenomena is certainly not American but Nordic or even Indian.


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