Uni Bafun 2016

Some people cannot relate to uni, or need some time to understand and see the various qualities. It is one of those fish roe that is never quite the same in taste.

There are two types of uni that you can get from Hokkaido, Ezo-Bafun-Uni and Kita-Murasaki-Uni. Despite the name, bafun which means horse dung, Ezo-Bafun-Uni is rich in flavour and generally fetches a high price.


There was a period this winter where sea urchin (uni) was not suitable for Mr. T, he just believed that it wasn’t there in terms of quality. So it was rare to see, although I did see it in some sushi counters but it was obious the quality was inferior.

This reminds me of a funny story. I invited a well-known American sushi chef to have lunch. He was boasting to the chef about the fact that he is now serving now the best uni in his restaurant and was showing off. He asks the Mr. T (the chef) “where is your uni”, and Mr. T replies, “sorry now it’s not in season.” Even the most famous chefs are not well informed and do not pay attention to the details.

The oceans in the north this year suffered from turbulence and the quality of bafun uni wasn’t up to snuff. The spring brings some quality and the taste is sweet and full.


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