Emanuela Fischer @ Viva Mayr

You don’t find much on the internet about Emanuela Fisher executive chef at Viva Mayr clinic in Maria Worth and what a shame. She is one of the key talents at Viva Mayr, and this is in the first time that I’ve written about her. I’ve taken time to get to know her after going to Viva Mayr a few times, and each time I learn something new from her because I never miss her cooking classes.

This trip I had a chance to spend more time with the chef and hear more about what you had to say about the cure. There’s no doubt that the Emanuela is very well-equipped, knows exactly what she’s doing in her kitchen. She has a very clear resonance that comes from within her soul about her convictions and is always trying to the best by for the guests by improving her process. The focus is the alkaline and acidity to find the right balance as you are what you digest and at Viva Mayr it is all about digestion.

The food at the clinic is she says, “its monochromatic” and she uses this term to describe the food served that doesn’t interfere with your digestive system during the cure. She’s very careful about which includes in her foods because she understands that most people need to rest their gut, the second brain.

We did some cooking together in a class made up of 4 clients at the clinic, and this was my second class this trip. She well defines her interest in the culinary world by showing her passion for a fish that was caught this morning and was delivered by lunch to her kitchen.


Enthusiastically Emanuela describes shows her students the freshness and quality which she considers to be a top priority in your kitchen. She points to the skin and you see the pink dots, the glistening surface of freshness, and her students are in awe.

The one thing I admire about her kitchen is there are no compromises in trying to maintain an interesting menu for clients that are here sometimes for two weeks or more. The challenge is making clients understand that the food at Viva Mayr is all about resting the stomach and moving the intestinal track forward gently . You cannot as she explains include any black pepper into your diet because the idea os that the food shouldn’t make your gut do any extra work.


She prepares a simple soup made with Hokkaido squash and some other root vegetables and a dash of salt and nutmeg and of course no garlic or onions on the cure. She boils the vegetables in water with two bays leaves and the soup is energizing. We talk about how soups energize the body by feeding the gut in a concentrated yet gentle manner and I raise the Japanese diet, and she agrees. Soup gives us a wealth of nutrients and our warms our digestive tracks relaxing it.

The next lesson is potato gnocchi and she insists that you must not use too many ingredients that conflict with one another during the cure. So potato is the base for many soups and in the cases where potato isn’t allowed you have to substitute with root vegetables. The gnocchi must be made with potato and potato starch and not any kind of other flour.


Emmanuela says roll it when it’s still warm or it’s difficult as she makes a log and gets ready to cut and roll then off her gnocchi board. The gnocchi are perfect and we are on our way to enjoying a perfect dish. But we are reminded to chew and no doubt shewing is key to staying fit and permitting your digestion to manage the food intake.


I really appreciate the work of the kitchen staff, the gentle and friendly ways and the hard work in making guests happy. Viva Mayr under Emanuela doesn’t make any compromises and all is made from scratch using the best ingredients.

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That’s the way it should be and bravo to the chef and her team. Thanks to the staff who serve the foods, they make each meal a joy. /bravo/

Viva Mayr
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