Amuse Bouche @ Amanbagh

You would least expect a contemporary amuse bouche in the middle of no where in Rajastahn. Chef Ram at Amanbagh creates one of the best experiences at Aman we’ve had. The property is perfectly situated in Rajasthan countryside 2h00 from Jaipur, with excellent proximity to temples, two pools, excellent friendly service, spa treatments were acellent, and the grounds that are amazing with birds and wildlife and an amazing vegetable garden.

I can tell you enjoying greens in India can be risky but here the chances of feeling bad after a green lunch is next to none. There isn’t much missing there except more guests at the resort and if you have time to visit Rajasthan, a few nights there is well worth it.

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The chef Ram has full control over his kitchen, and the menus are extensive and the cuisine was delightful with staff that both work hard and are doing their best to make your stay feel very satisfying. These amuse bouche were all made with ingredients from their garden. /bravo/

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