Din Tai Fung Taipei – video

It was 4 years ago in Singapore https://mesubim.com/2013/05/14/bravo-xia-long-bao/and a second time in Tokyo and it was simply excellent. This time I insisted to taste it again after being warned by my host not to go. She warned, the chain had been sold and the quality has changed. So after waiting 40+ minutes we strolled around 101 in Taipei and exclusive shopping complex that is certainly impressive. I was ready and convinced it would be just as good as last time. img_4931


This restaurant is as important as Katz deli in New York, an icon in the food world. I felt sad after walking through this factory on my way out, as my host reminded me, “quantity cannot be quality” and she was so right. The food was dreadful, the dumplings dough seemed gummy, and the fillings chalky.

The shrimps were pre-processed and seemed artificial lacking any real seafood character. Our host is from Taipei and she knows her stuff even if she isn’t a foodie, her son can decipher between the lines and agreed it was not worthy of the wait, and one of the biggest let downs in Taipei 🙁