Spiny Crab @ Hanasaki Hokkaido

This isn’t the top-tier crab in Japan but I wouldn’t turn my nose up. There are a number of species of crab caught off the coast of Hokkaido, but the four species of horsehair crab, red king crab, snow crab, and spiny king crab are the most prominent.

Wakkanai ranks as the leader in the horsehair crab, red king crab and snow crab catch crabs are mainly caught in the areas along the Okhotsk Sea, with Wakkanai City ranking as the leader among all municipalities in Hokkaido in terms of the horsehair crab, red king crab and snow crab catch. In addition, horsehair crab is also caught in the Iburi region where the season peaks in summer.

Spiny king crab, or hanasaki-gani, is said to have been named because a large catch is hauled in at Hanasaki Port in Nemuro City, which accounts for a majority of the catch.

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