Caviar Yikes!

It is true, invited by a Michelin chef to taste his food, we are faced with an experience of a lifetime. Lets just say he has technique but does his fusion work, or is he carried away?

Reluctantly heaps of caviar and pumpkin ice-cream with fassone beef underneath, I ask, where do you buy the fassone and he replies from the internet. I thought to myself, so where does the caviar come from but didn’t dare ask. No doubt farmed caviar is a wonder, and the quality globally is impressive.

The next dish is a pretty green cabbage with konbu, swimming in a sauce of heavy cream. It could be mistaken for Hokkaido’s fugu testis gone wrong. Heaps of caviar inside the cabbage, it opens into a spoonful of confusion.

Truthfully bizarre at best, and sometimes we wonder what goes through a chef’s mind, and how or why would anyone concoct a dish like this?

In the end, food is becoming more blurred as we move into the future, farmed fish, hydroponic vegetables and more interference by mankind.

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