Synesso Hydra MVP

The dynamic Duo, and thanks to Titus Germany, Frank’s magic, and consequently I have the worlds most beautiful coffee machine, and top performance. Something cannot just look good, it must have the ability to perform and deliver.

There is no doubt Titus is amazing in so many ways, good support and endless efforts to make clients satisfied. You can see the special coatings and the solid Damascus steel handles. If you are a coffee lover this isn’t just good looking, this is the pièce de résistance of coffee machine. Actually I could never understand how coffee lovers drink crap, it makes no sense.

This Synesso is the rolls Royce of machines and it pulls a shot second to none. Oh, while that is true, you’ll need the Titus grinder, a grinder is key to extracting the coffee shot and vice a versa, so invest in the best and only drink the best. Thank you Frank for your tremendous work and thanks to Markus for his own genius – the dynamic duo.