Originally created in 1605 by monks using a recipe for an elixir of long life is still considered to be very rare and certainly very expensive it is intense and loaded with alcohol. Chartreuse, which today is produced by Carthusian monks in Voiron, France, used to be made at their distillery in Tarragona until 1989.

Produced between 1904-1989 in Tarragona (Spain) after the Carthusian Monks were exiled from France. In 1989 the distillery in Tarragona closed down and the production of this liquor returned to France. Nowadays the bottles produced in the distillery of Tarragona have become one of the most expensive and sought after liquors in the world.

The recipe contains more than 130 different plants and flowers, the Mediterranean character of the Tarragona distillery is bottled in this unique and limited liquor. This Label ‘Une Tarragone’ was produced between in the early 1900’s.

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