Oeschi 13

Today most osechi are purchased either at department stores or made by well-known chefs that sell to exclusive audiences. Prices are literally priceless and the box below (a gift) is made of the finest domestic ingredient.

This high-end osechi was made by famous chef (Kyoagi) and is very limited production. In fact, you cannot easily get one of these prized osechi. Many Japanese go to highly priced department stores like Takashimaya to order. They usually start taking orders for osechi in late October, and often the most popular varieties sell out within a few days.


Many of the food items represent prosperity, good fortune and health. The basic components are the traditionally the same, but regional differences are reflected in the sweetness or saltiness of the flavoring and the use of local ingredients.

When looking at osechi presentation is very important and include a pleasing balance of colors and the efficiency with each layer packed carefully. The vegetables are arranged in ornate designs, representing seasonal shapes such as pine cones and plum flowers.

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