Tschida 2009


My first time to try this wine. It was a gift from a friend visiting from Vienna. This wine is unfiltered and had a sensational liveliness. The grape variety is a mix and it was very good. (90+Points)

Laissez Faire 2009

Below is a (google) translation of his introduction on the website:

JUST RUNNING. Everything to the play of natural forces. No strict order, no fixed rule, not dogmas. The French call the laissez-faire, which means easy to just execute. Laissez-faire has penetrated into many areas of life. In the 19th Century hailed as an economic model has been demonized as the basic idea of a clutter-free development later in pedagogy to epitomize the anti-authoritarian education. Even manager praised laissez faire long time as an ideal leadership style to promote the autonomy of the employee. Laissez-faire as contrary to a dogmatic worldview -. For some fascinating, highly dangerous to other And what has all this to do with viticulture? Might there be there too, a laissez-faire? Just let go? Is this just a new fad or an expression of oenological reorientation? Education – this term does not exist only in dealing with children. Vines also want to be educated, even in the wine is called education. But how far man should intervene here? Is a good wine, the result rigorously-observed ground rules? Or have not done too many dogmas and complicated techniques often rather slick results? In any case, from this tension created an entirely new attitude: the vineyard grapes with maximum character and finesse wrest, in the barrels, however, are the wines unfold freely. The wine ferments up to its own limitations, quite spontaneously. No basement-orgies: The wines are left in peace. They regain their inner balance.

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