Ramen Soup “sold out” – Japan

I am not a ramen specialist, nor do I really eat it because it is often too heavy, or simply grotesque. Not to mention that most eat ramen to fill up and sober up, I couldn’t think of a worse idea. But these are a few I am going to try in the future without needing the alcohol to enjoy them.
These Ramen shops are based on fresh ingredients and there are 4 types of Ramen and two types of shop. There are those that once they run out, it is “sold out” and the doors closed.
Seitoku Ramen

Address: 3-24-4 Sakuragaoka, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11h00-15h00 or until soup runs out and closed Mondays.

Kokaibo Ramen

Address:2-13-10 Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Telephone 03 5620 4777

Open: Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday from 11h00-15h00 and 17h00 or until soup runs out and Saturday 11h00-15h00 and closed Wednesday and Sunday.