2002 Batard-Montrachet

2002 Burgs

Another great opportunity to try 2002 Burgundies. The host is awesome and has a fantastic cellar but not only that, he enjoys to share and is super generous as you can see!

August was cloudy and cool. A bit of rain in early September, particularly in southern Burgundy, and low sugar levels made some growers worry that they might be left with under ripe, rotten grapes, one of the worst combinations of all.

But then, from about September 12, the wind turned round to the north-east and, as it did in 2001, dried out the vines and delineated the flavors. Burgundy then enjoyed an uninterrupted week of warm sunshine which raised sugar levels with remarkable speed. But thanks to those winds and the less-than-brilliant August there was no risk of acid levels plummeting to the depths experienced during last summer’s exceptional, and exceptionally long, heat wave in Burgundy.

The Ramonet was very good and had a good balance and fruit, a long finish with the crispness of the vintage. It was my favorite. (93+ Points)

The Fontaine Gagnard was also very good and was my second favorite with fatness, good characteristics and good wholesome flavors. (91+ Points)

The E.Sauzet was unfortunately corked and went bye-bye.