Fugu Wow-Wee


The season nears and end as we receive by air an impeccable blue styrofoam box. On the outside it is marked fragile and noted that there is a plate enclosed. It has many other markings about the delivery to ensure its freshness and delivery.

I open box #1, of two boxes and it is packed with Fugu; Fugu’s skin, fins, bottled Ponzu, hot red spice, neggi, the body’s meat and shirako, the testis of the fish.

I check it, the box is packed with two layers, the top is evident (above) and the bottom not seen is the plated fugu flesh in the absolute perfect design, fanned out. The ponzu is perhaps a little too commercial but still very good.

All in all, the fugu experience is natural, not farmed and the quality is very good considering it has come from Kyushu, a long ride away from our home. There is no better way to enjoy fugu at home. The only difficulty is preparing the shirako which requires a hibachi skill, and Sumi Bincho to get it cooked outside and warm and tender inside.