Debunking Beer

It is true that I sometimes use a beer can to cook chicken. The beer can in cooking a chicken is definitely flawed and in more than one way. Whenever I cook, I never use a cheap beer from America where the inks are cheaply printed. I use Japanese beer, Japan made and not imported or licensed to another beer company. So the ink is not an issue.

I pour out most of the beer and use water and herbs in my beer can. The idea of using beer makes little sense and it is more to have a convection effect but in the case where you cook at lower temperatures, I agree the can’s usefulness diminishes.

The idea behind beer’s liquid forces is that they become entirely responsible  “natural convection.” But it is not the beer that gives much benefit. The water can add some convection, adding back some moisture to the air inside the cavity. I agree in general that the beer can technique at lower temperatures does not appear to be useful. However with a fine quality chicken, such as Poulet de Bresse, it has worked every-time to perfection. This is not to say that without the can it will not cook more evenly. In conclusion, the best way to cook chicken is at lower temperatures, for a longer period of time. You need to inject the chicken with saline solution to plump it up, and make sure to render the fat by blanching it.

This article was passed to me by a friend and it gives good insight into debunking the beer can cooking method.