Do you know your what is the “bird fish child” – the candy color Karasumi, the raw materials distinctive shape and taste.

Karasumi, the eggs, “roe” of the two lobes of a mullet fish. A delicacy, “a roe” of the very finest quality ovaries. A theory suggests that it got its name from its resemblance to a block of sumi, an Indian ink stick, imported from China (Kara) and used in shodo.

Karasumi is a specialty of Nagasaki and along with salted Konowata and salted sea urchin, the three chinmi of Japan. A delicacy list common in the past, ingredients that are rare in a region since ancient times, listed as “Chimni”; those foods which disappeared in popularity, went no longer in the mouth due to changes in food culture.

In addition, there are cases where a generalization of a new food culture that has lost in the past by the gourmet boom is re-evaluated is included. Speaking of three great delicacy in Japan, in general, it is that salted mullet ovaries, salted sea urchin, and dried mullet roe, salted intestines of sea cucumber, Konowata.