Japan’s Standards? – video

Japan has changed so much in the past 30 years and unlike most places, it is still a mecca for food, drink and pleasure. This has not changed very much. But how we measure the standards has become more universal, global, and somehow we all get trapped into those standards that make sense in France but here, make little sense at all, and vice-a-verse.

The education of the Japanese youth is getting worse and worse. I walked into Isetan to find the main entrance reeking from perfume of Hermes. I cannot believe a culture that has so much respect for “people’s space” is now ignoring the fundamentals. How can Japanese deliver such poor nonsense to their youth. The idea of “aestheticism” has become lost and replaced by cheap perfumes.

I added this video, a video I made which I think represents Japan today without understanding the very essence of culture. In the video, you see what is basic in life, a toilet. The symbol of every country, you can see how evolution changes the way we live, i.e. automatic toilets, heated seats, etc.

The traditional styled light at the beginning is out-of-place. It represents a traditional design, elegance and the way Japan used to be. Then you have, a disturbing plastic light in the shape of a column, marble sill, a small vase of flowers that is perfumed, and tacky “wipe it” plastic container to clean the seat instead of paper toilet seat covers.

You can imagine that I am too critical but these things count, or used to count and are the very essence of Japanese culture, tradition and setting a standard. In the old days, a restaurant was designed to stage the cuisine and not the other way around. And that includes all public spaces.