“advanced modern fusion”




Head Chef Nenad approaches us in the main dinning room, smiling and confident. He is an excellent chef with a strong talent and understanding of what he needs to accomplish. This dish is before and after the jus is added, the risotto and „Pilz“ with an egg, a cleaver idea. The egg added another taste and contrast, color and a creamy smooth consistency. The egg was roasted in the oven in a silpat form at low temperatures topped with a pinch of morel powder.

A classic dish becomes transformed into another idea, fusion or not. I guess it is “advanced modern fusion” influenced by Feran but in a way that I like. I never thought of fusion as something I liked, because of the bastardization of so many good foods mixed in combinations that seemed so wrong.

Wolfgang Puck, the pioneer of California fusion, he served LA’s absurd combinations wronged my world and adored by Hollywood. The American fusion often repulsive but this takes the cake! A Japanese and Vietnamese combination: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Salmon_rice_roll.JPG