Hilmi n’ Fethiye


Small seaside towns are often ridden with touristic restaurants. We walked from the port towards the Bazar in search of Hilmi, a fish restaurant in the fish market. The Turkish people are very hospitable and the more time we spend there the more we appreciate it. Lost we called the restaurant and they offered to come out to the street to help guide us.

Walking into the fish market in Fethiye there was a meat locker, a butchers table and a band saw. I got excited given we were sailing for the past 5 days and most of our provisions were semi-fresh. The meat was aged and there were many sides to choose from hanging at the perfect aging temperature.

The one pictured above was not the best piece but unfortunately I did not get a good representational photo of the better sides.

Bazar Yeri 53, Fethiye
Owner: Emroh Basyaran
T: 0252 612 9192

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