Sevan Bicakci – Crown Jewels Istanbul

Walking in Istanbul you need to investigate every corner, each place and see what is going on. It isn’t always about cuisine because we are interested in the details. Of course, our focus is food, drink and culture so we stumble on whatever comes our way.

Today we knew where we were going, or at least we thought so. After an awesome lunch (a later post) we walked into a shop and talked with the owner about life in Turkey. He sat down, I sat down and we talked.

In search of a shop, the loud-speaker from the Mosque blared and he turned a raw eye, saying, “the Koran says the voice should be sweet and this gives me a headache”. I agreed with him, the 5 times a day loud speakers do get annoying but they do remind us to pray and who is in control.

Anyway a visit to Sevan and a meeting with his twin cousins is worthwhile a visit.

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