Coravin Bottle Technology

Yesterday night a friend carried a very special gift, one that traveled from far away and was long awaited. A superb selection of fine wines he offered to share, I was doubtful at first that we would drink the (8) bottles of wine, later drive and then have dinner.


Until he unveiled the Coravin, a gadget in your hands, it is the “real deal wine saver”. A small pistol sized device, a shaker sized argon gas charged canister, a syringe that pierces the capsule and cork with ease, and a valve that expels the wine with a controlled precision into your glass.

The Coravin seems to be an excellent tool for wine lovers, I am told it preserves the wine for a year or more, it leaves fizzing bubbles of gas in the bottle. I presume that they dissipate quickly, these bubbles are not harmful as the name “argon” is an “inactive” and “inert” gas as it undergoes almost no chemical reactions.

This is a must tool – flawless so far….

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