Tartufo Land (ghe)

Sitting over the landscape in the Langhe, rolling hills, a morning fog persists as the sun shines through, the sky begins to break. It is neither too warm nor too cold, just right for a morning hunt. The fact is most truffle hunting has already finished, the dogs and the hunters are at home. Tomorrow we will have some snow so the weather will change drastically and the ground will get hard. This can happen and it makes it a little tougher for the hunters to get access, at the same time it protects the truffles and gives them a chance to mature.


Finding truffles is never the problem, finding the right truffles with the perfect maturity and aromas is what we are after. Many connoisseurs regretfully do not understand that a truffle because it is white doesn’t make it fantastic. There are many types and qualities and selection is critical. The size impresses people, I often look for a truffles that has optimization, the balance between size, color and aroma.

So when selecting “trifola d’Alba” white truffles you need to see a good broad selection, pick each one up and place it under your nose, flip it around and check the bottom, top and sides. The process takes up to twenty seconds, and when you compare the truffles you begin to understand the quality.