Miani 2009 Filip & Buri

Today we decided to re-visit the white wines of Maini and taste his two Tocai Fruliano. The white wines are very good and were in perfect condition.

The 2009 Filip is round and rich in taste, it is similar to a chardonnay and has barrel aromas. The nose was wonderful and it had a long finish, with the concentration of a classical Chardonnay. (91 Points)


The 2009 Buri has a reputation of being off, or too musty. The last time I tried it the sommelier said it was a bad bottle but I guess it is the style. The nose is raw and musty, the wine style is lighter than the Filip in the middle palate and runs shallow. It runs off your tongue and in comparison to the Filip it is completely different. In the end a little marshmallow. I enjoyed this wine given it seemed more true to the terroir. (93 Points)