I wrote about it in the past and I find myself writing about it again – the wonders of fermentation.

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Nattō is fermented soja beans, the beans are inflicted by a positive bacteria that spores the Nattō into a gluey-chewy delight. I often mix into the Nattō other raw materials to give it more dimension. You can experiment and add whatever you want, but be cautious as certain things have contrary reaction to what you may wish, e.g. citrus doesn’t mix well.

The beans are washed and then soaked in water for up to 18 hours to increase their size. Next, the soybeans are steamed for 6 hours, mixed with the bacterium Bacillus, a strain of Subtilisin, known as Nattō-kinase in Japanese. The mixture is fermented at 40 °C, cooled and then aged in straw to develop characteristics which are stringy and chewy.

Not all Natto is made the same way so pay attention of you are in search of quality Nattō –  If you are wondering, I love it because my wife loves it :-)….and my kids eat it as well, a family affair.