Kiwi egg {?}

I am not sure why I bought kiwi eggs!

These eggs are accompanied by instructions on how to cut them, so I followed them and cut it in half and length ways. The taste was so-so, not too fruity, lacking the texture of the normal size kiwi. This is one of those strange novelties that makes little sense. Someone somewhere is very bored or cleaver.

Kagawa is a region that is trying to maintain a high level standard for fruits, such as strawberry, kiwi and carrots. They have a “K. Brand”, a system in Kagawa to recognize products of a particularly high quality.

There are three criteria by which a product may attain “K. Brand” status:

1. The product is of particularly high quality.

2. The product is recognized as having something unique about it or its production method.

3. The product has something special about it’s ingredients or preparation.


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