MC @ Home Part III

Walking around I say to myself (with a smile), I am now in kind of trouble. I cannot cook so it doesn’t matter, I am always in a bad mood, I avoid recipes and I hate the kitchen. It is now noon and I have been shopping one hour. I have bags filled to the brim, I have the kids lunch, bread, cheese, meat, wine for cooking and those ridiculous chocolates.

I thought, roasted pear with deers or kumquates, slowly cooked in a sugar-water, oops the first one split, I forgot to cut it in half, just a test. I am getting frustrated, the kitchen is a place that looks easy if you know what you are doing, if you don’t ….. you are dead meat.

The clock is ticking, I decide I need to cook over two days and now our guests are arriving in [8] hours, so I have plenty of time. Wrong, I have to work quickly, the time flies, I have peeling, whipping and slicing. I wanted to walk into the kitchen and everything would be ready to go. I wouldn’t need to stand at my cutting board and chop.

I nail down the menu, it is going to be simple; deer cooked two ways, one red and one white, vegetables green, onions roasted, garlic and calf meat.


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