Abedori – Chicken Iwate

What can anyone say about most airline meals except yuck!

What can you say when the meal on a domestic airline has better cuisine than most America first class services. ANA (All Nipon Airways) has better meals than most other airlines, they figured out how to serve a single dish, make it tasty, economical and non repulsive meal. It isn’t chic, it is cleaver and taste pretty good. The chicken is flavored by Maniguette, a species in the ginger family, the chicken is named “Abedori”, a name given to chicken from Iwate. Served with braised white kidney beans and some spinach stems – a cassoulet-style it was above acceptable.

There was a time when airline cuisine had a standard, then it vanished with changes in airline operations and massive cost cuts. From this era developed a set of airline standards if you can call them standards. These days airline standards barely exist anymore, except on selected airlines, and travel is a means to an end, not so much a luxury anymore.

One of the finest airline meals in the 70’s was on Swiss Air, unfortunately they went bankrupt, not because of the food, but because of mismanagement. Now owned by Lufthansa the quality is much improved and the service depends on the crew. Somehow travelers are satisfied to pay less and get less.

After many years of travel, Asian airlines still have standards leading the industry. Asian people are used to basic standards and still have certain expectations. Some airlines have figured out how to serve food economically, keeping it tasty, and not offensive.