Grand Hyatt Seoul Wok – video

Ordering a omlette can be trying on your patience. The servers words seem slurred, as our words are delivered with a definitive vowel pronunciation.

The conversation begins with an omlette, and ends with a thorough tour of the hotels’ back house facilities. I was lucky enough to meet with the Sous Chef of the Grand Hyatt in Seoul, Mr. Etienne Suter, a dutch-South African born chef. He is part of leading an important team of a 192 chef brigade @ Grand Hyatt in Seoul.

After a fast chat, he was very generous to take me through the back of the house, the kitchen operations that take place behind closed doors. The tour took at least 45-minutes, we visited multiple kitchens, located on multiple floors.

The food at the Grand Hyatt Seoul is very good, the choices and selections are vast, the Japanese kitchen has a Japanese chef, he keeps the standard in check. The fact that many Koreans cannot speak English can make it difficult for English-speaking guests.

It reminded me of the Okura Tokyo years and years ago, a classical hotel, where staff are excellent  and are all focused on making clients happy. The Grand Hyatt staff and especially Etienne make staying at this hotel exceptional.


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