Prebiotics = Rice

More and more non-infectious diseases and certain cancers have become major causes of death all over the globe. My wife reminds me of so many people getting cancer these days, “touch wood”, another topic of discussion. It probably can’t hurt to use prebiotics and probiotics in place of certain medicines that deplete the gut of their flora.

White or brown rice, many believe that the rice shell or husks contain many important nutrients that should not be missed. I am not a doctor, scientist or educator, I am a layperson with an interest in sharing information. I do believe that eating brown rice is advantageous but I still prefer my white Japanese rice.

Rice is an excellent prebiotic – a source of dietary fiber, it is a non-digestible food ingredient that stimulates the growth and activity of bacteria in the digestive system. First identified and named by Marcel Roberfroid in 1995 as a functional food component; prebiotics, like probiotics, are conceptually intermediate between foods and drugs.


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