-2.2 & Super “Dry”

So where in the world is beer served at -2.2 degrees? The answer is Japan, a place where people adore beer and drink it as much as they drink tea. But they like it cold, the sensation of a frosty beer quenches their inner thirst or does it?

Last night I passed a bar and saw the illuminated sign reading [-2.2] and I thought, is it a gimmick or is it really worth the hype. Cold beer always tastes great but I am sure if you ask any German Beer specialist they would say – achtung! Most German beers are best poured at about 7 to 10°C, and only the exceptionally efferevescent Weissbier likes to be poured two or three degrees cooler.

Ale and lager yeasts impart different trace elements in addition of course to the alcohol and carbon dioxide. As a general rule, ale yeasts produce more flavorful trace elements, and more of them, than do lager yeasts. As a result, ales tend to taste fruitier and more complex than lagers. Conversely, lagers tend to taste cleaner and crisper than ales.

Many Japanese beers tend to be more effervescent and richer in protein than most other brews due to proteins from the grains they use. They are responsible for a beer’s body and mouthfeel, and are the main building blocks of beer foam. During the pour, proteins are dragged out of the brew by escaping carbon dioxide bubbles to form a rocky, white, long lasting head – not a gimmick just delicious!


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