Sliced Beef “no steaks” – [Shabu-Shabu]

This is shabu-shabu a meal that gets as expensive as the cut. The meat gets cooked instantly (in seconds) as you wave it into a steaming hot copper towering inferno.

The meat from these black cows is densely marbled, difficult to come by because only 2,500 Matsuzaka cows are slaughtered each year. Matsuzaka, Kobe and other fine beef cattle come from breeders in the Tajima Valley, a 150 kilometers from Matsuzaka. Tajima is the home of Japanese beef cattle (Wagyu) which legend has it, journeyed to Japan in the 5th Century B.C from the Korean peninsula in the company of Amenohiboko, a legendary Prince of the Silla who settled in Japan in the 3/4 Century.

Make sure to take plenty of bills if you decide to eat sliced beef – no steaks it goes fast!