Ramen Jiro @ 1h00

It’s a ten-minute walk from one of the Yamanote Line’s dreariest stations and a 1h00 wait.

The façade isn’t pretty and the grease-stained interior looks grim. Yet people line up around the block every day in every kind of weather for lunch here, because Jiro may well be the city’s best-loved ramen store.

It serves fatty soy-sauce soup, thick noodles, cabbage and slices of pork. Since it opened in 1968, the shop has spawned thirty sister branches, run by former apprentices of the Mita branch, but each has its own recipe and none come close to the original for the hearts and stomachs of ramen lovers.

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Address: 2-16-4 Mita, Minato, Tokyo
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm

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